There is no minimum to the amount of coins required for you to be able to stake, so even 1 BITG is eligible for staking. Although keep in mind the following factors will influence the frequency of block rewards that you receive:

  • Amount of coins: The more coins you have stored in a single address, the more 'weighting' your address will have in the network, therefore increasing the frequency of block rewards that you receive.
  • Total number of users staking: If there are more users on the network also staking their coins, then you have less likelihood to receive rewards as frequently as if there were only few users on the network staking.

Based on the experience from the community and the current maturity of the network, as a rough guide you can expect daily staking rewards with around 300-400 BITG.

Note: Your wallet must be unlocked in order for it to be able to stake your BITG coins.

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